Saturday, July 18, 2009

Book 13 – The Intrepid Art Collector

By Lisa Hunter

I don’t tend to read much non-fiction, but when I do it’s usually for a practical benefit and to better myself as a person (not self-help either!). Although I have some background in art history and have fairly developed taste and appreciation, I know surprisingly very little about buying art. I must say I don’t think I’ve ever bought any art in my life. I’ve bought some nicely crafted things, like jewelry and pottery, but nothing that would involve a dealer.

I’d really like to buy cool and interesting art one day. Not anything flashy or trendy, just something that just speaks to me, or something that’s just simply beautiful to hang on the wall of my home. But for many people, like yours truly, buying art can be a little overwhelming, if not downright intimidating.

Which was why this was my only non-fiction purchase of last year. I found this book extremely informative and helpful. Even if I never end up buying that special piece of art, reading the book left me feeling confident and armed enough to walk into a gallery and just look around, and maybe even ask the right questions.

The book is also organized very efficiently with each chapter focusing on contemporary art, 19th and 20th century art, photography, prints, vintage posters, native American, African art, oriental rugs and antiquities.

There are also practical sections about dealing with dealers, buying at auction, off the beaten path, buying art online and art in your home.

Now the next step is to find the resources and time to go about finding some cool art!