Thursday, September 15, 2005

the difficulty in conveying irony

Well, my brother and my boyfriend read my first post and thought that I was actually planning to write a novel. I’m not. So much for attempting to write an ironic blog. If I can’t even convey a bit of irony, what’s the point in even thinking of writing a 500-page novel?
Anyway, I barely have enough discipline or motivation to write more than a 250-word daily blog entry.


The first post is actually a quote from the 1963 movie “Billy Liar”, a violently depressing film about a struggling writer who eventually kills himself and his whole family during an extremely gory denouement.


Hee said...

I know a film called 'Billy Liar', some of the allusion you make to the film ring a bit...inaccurate. I'm sure this was your intent?

beemused said...

Again, was attempting to be ironic... and again, failing miserably. Going home to kill myself now.

(but do please feel free to play the movie meme!)

hee said...

Oh come on! As I said, I suspected it was your intent.

I tried the mm, I only got two right!

Will there be more?

beemused said...

you betcha!