Sunday, January 20, 2008

Year End Wrapper Upper

Not exactly a feel-good way to end the year with the utterly bleak I Am Legend and anarchically violent No Country For Old Men, but satisfying nonetheless to complete my year-end holiday with these two excellent books.

What’s more, 2007 was a very good year of reading for Meezly. My output has almost tripled since I first joined the 50-book meme, starting with a measly 7 books read for 2005, 15 for 2006 and a whopping 19 for 2007!

The 50-book thang also got me perusing used bookstores more frequently than ever before. For 2008, I’ve literally got on-deck stacks to get through! Maybe this year I may be able break into reading twenty-something books.


Lantzvillager said...

Way to go, B. I look forward to more of your not infrequent reviews.

You expand the mind!

Jarrett said...

way to be!

Olman Feelyus said...

Awesome work! Soon we'll have our cats reading!