Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book 12 – Zot!

The Complete Black & White Collection

By Scott McCloud

Zot! was great in that it was a dense comic read, and came in handy for in-between books where I was left dangling as to what to read next. So Zot! was on my bedside table for a few months this year.

Although I very much enjoyed the collection and appreciated this as McCloud’s early gem before he became known for Understanding Comics, it was ultimately not my style in terms of aesthetics and story. Some of the villains and ideas were fantastic, but overall, it just wasn’t dark and meaty enough for me. Yes, Zot! is like on the totally opposite spectrum as The Walking Dead (see post below).

The comic is given due respect and justice by fellow posters dsgran and Olman.


Crumbolst said...

It's on my list. I'm just waiting to find it used around town.

dsgran said...

I agree with your review Meez- I did, however, appreciate it from a technical point of view- no one has a greater understanding of organizing text, image, and sequence than McCloud (IMHO).