Saturday, January 01, 2011

Year End Wrap Up!

34 books - a new record where I'm closer to 50 than ever before!

It helps having settled down into marriage, and not having kids (yet?). I have also discovered that our local and mostly francophone thrift shop has a pretty good English book section, and I have found a few more while perusing new and used book shops in Berkeley, San Francisco, Toronto, Amsterdam, Seattle and Vancouver. I now have a shitload of books on my on deck shelf to get through for 2011, like at least 20-25!

I don't know if I'll surpass 34 this year, but I already have three down for 2011.

Looking forward to reading more and more and seeing a few long dormant 50-bookers coming out of hibernation!


Crumbolst said...

Reading 34 books while living with Mr. P is an impressive feat!

meezly said...

Because he demands so much attention? ;-) It's probably cuz he was so busy reading himself...I didn't have anything better to do!